"Simple, chic, powerful, and still leads the pack..."
Echo®  H2 Machine
"One of the most advanced countertop unit available today"
The Echo® H2 water machine* was designed for one purpose and one purpose only:

Create Molecular Hydrogen....

In a world where your health is constantly being compromised, the body's ability to balance cell damaging, cancer causing oxidative stress is failing. 

Oxidative Stress is the balancing of reactive oxygen species(ROS) on the cellular level so that damage does not occur from the unstable presence of the ROS to the DNA or other organelle systems in the cell or body. Strategic antioxidant are ultimately needed to be able to balance this damaging stress to the body.
"Your body is constantly in this struggle..."
Hydrogen has proven to be an extremely effective and strategic antioxidant working against oxidative stress. The body has the ability to create hydrogen through a few mechanisms and systems so long as they are in perfect condition and operating optimally.  
"However, there was a problem and we set out to fix it .
But in order to do so, we had to ask a question..."
If we know that the biggest health problem of the body is oxidative stress then "why isn't every person in the world doing everything they can, naturally, to try to stop oxidative stress in its tracks"?
"The Answer was simple"
It's Hard!
To achieve this balanced state of being to be able to create hydrogen inside you is rare and hard to achieve as many world class athletes and extreme biohackers set out for months and sometimes years to accomplish the perfect biological system to be able to be perfectly healthy with hydrogen.

They give up certain foods, participate in strategic workout regimens, drink the purest water, breathe clean air, perform detox regimens, biohack, and more! Furthermore, they do it religiously. This is not easy for most people to be able to do in the day to day rigors. It is not the most ideal lifestyle to live. 
"What we found was amazing!
Over 700 studies on Hydrogen..."
By searching far and wide over a few years we found study upon study (700 to be in fact) all proving and studying the affects of hydrogen and its therapeutic role in the body. 

We found the systems that work inside the body to create hydrogen naturally and we also saw how easily these system can be affected negatively by regular life activities. 
Luckily we found a shortcut to achieve balance...
We developed and engineered the first ever Hydrogen Water Machine that provide Alkaline pH water with Hydrogen, Acid pH water, and Neutral pH water with Hydrogen. 

When you drink a glass of Echo hydrogen rich water from one of our machines, you are drinking millions upon millions of hydrogen molecules that set out to strategically scavenge for the various types of ROS. Once they find it they combine to create in most cases, water molecules. This happens deep in your cells and further hydrate you on a cellular level.  
"This technology is unparalleled. Hydrogen is found to be the best antioxidant to balance oxidative stress in the body. " 
  •  Reduce Inflammation and Pain*
  •  Serves As A Strategic Antioxidant *
  •  Boost Athletic Performance* 
  •  Cut Recovery Times In Half*
  •  Increase Cognitive Functions* 
  •  Detox*
  • Boost Natural Defenses*
  •  Get Energized*
  •  Increase Focus*
  •  Boost Metabolism*
  •   Combat Disease Causing Oxidative Stress*
  • The Echo® H2 is the most advanced counter-top Hydrogen Infusion Machine
  •  It is engineered with the most advanced technologies.
  •  Includes over 1000 Homeopathic frequencies built into the system. You control them at the push of a button on your smartphone or computer.
  •  You would expect that because our Echo H2 Machine is the newest and most advanced counter top machine on the market that it would be the most expensive. However, we price our product much better than our ‘competitors’. That means you get hundreds of dollars of savings and superior service. Most importantly…our machine does not leak internally like the other HIM machines.
  •  Echo® 5 Year Warranty is the best in the industry. It covers parts, labor, and shipping. No fine print. No exclusions…just peace of mind.
  •  The water cell does not degrade over usage and time. The patented anti-scale system completely stops scale or calcium build-up on the cathodes (negatively charged electrodes) and lengthens the life of the electrodes.
  •  In other water machines that work with electrolysis, minerals are attracted or have an affinity to the cathode due to the positive electrical charge. If minerals build up on the cathode, the dissolving of molecular hydrogen is greatly reduced down to a non-detectable amount. With lower levels of molecular Hydrogen, the water will no longer be as therapeutic.
  •  FREE Shipping!
  •   Easy and safe to use for all ages
  •  User friendly dispense system. 
  •   Elegant chic design to compliment any kitchen. 
  •  Hydrogen Production: Neutral pH with max 1.3ppm of molecular hydrogen (H2) …no matter what source water is used
  •  Produces 1 liter per minute
  •   The Echo® multi-stage filters removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Fluoride, metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, VOC’s, bacteria, viruses, algae, fungus, & other pollutants.
  •  Comes with an option for FREE installation. 
  •  You will not find a better counter top Hydrogen Machine in terms of performance, reliability, quality, and support…period.
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