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Who We Are!
Echo® H2 Machine
When you hear the words Molecular Hydrogen you may be imagining crazy scientists in a dark lab performing crazy experiments... 

Although we admit, that may be much cooler in your imagination, we work with natural means to take your health to the next level with hydrogen. 

Molecular Hydrogen is natural!

And YES, we use science, and YES we have a lab where we do testing but there are no crazy scientists.
Science is very much involved in our process of manufacturing. Our patented hydrogen water machines create water that is enriched with hydrogen (H2) 

We are Synergy Science, a health focused company, always looking to push the limit in science and provide you the most. when it comes to health.

We are known in the industry for manufacturing and selling Hydrogen Water Machines that drastically benefit you from an antioxidant and therapeutic level. 

Among our molecular hydrogen products, we also sell one-man portable saunas, whole home filtration, metal chelation products (detox), and herbal supplements. 
Echo® NHM130 Machine
What Does Hydrogen Do for You?
You will see and experience a 180° Change in your life with Hydrogen...

With our products, you will receive many benefits, here are a few to start off with:
  •  Natural Mental Clarity
  •  Balanced Energy
  •  Support Natural Immune Defense
  •  Enjoy Faster Recovery
  •  Support The Body's Ability to Relieve Inflammation
  •  Balance Free Radicals In The Body
  •  Effective Detox
  •  And More!
Simple Strategies For Complex Health
Our bodies are over 60% water with many organs as high as 80% - 90% water.

We believe in proper hydration from good filtration and proper antioxidant protocols delivered to you with water.
We believe in the body's ability to heal what ever comes its way. But first, you have to give it the right tools.

This is where we exist, to provide you and your family the proper tools for health!
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