Hydrogen Studies..
Please browse the below Clinical Studies on the use of Alkaline Ionized Water

Autism and Ghrelin

Hydrogen Water Induces Neuroprotective Ghrelin Secretion 

Scientist Ray Kurzweil Q/A About Alkaline Water

Benefits of Alkaline by Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D. 

24,500 Chemicals Found in Top 18 Brands of Bottled Water

Drugs in the Drinking Water

Mechanism of the Lifespan Extension of Caenorhabditis-elegans by Electrolyzed Reduced Water Participation of Pt. Nanoparticles

Enhanced Induction of Mitochondrial Damage and Apoptosis in Human Leukemia HL-60 Cells Due to Electrolyzed Reduced Water and Glutathione

Clinical Evaluation of Alkaline Ionized Water for Abdominal Complaints 

Clinical Evaluation of Canal Irrigation Using SAW

Clinical Studies and Research on Electrolyzed-Reduced Water

Clinical Studies on Alkaline Water

Clinical Studies on Ionized Water

Efficacy of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water for Ecoli

Electrolyzed H2O Protects DNA Study

How Does Exercise Affect the Body?

Impact of OW and Feed Intake on Enamel Surface and Plaque Formation in Rats

A Special Interview with Gerald Pollack About Structured Water

Journal of the Japan Society for Oral Functional Water

Methods of Measuring Sterilization Effect of AEW for Cleaning Oral Cavities

The Prime Cause and Prevention of Disease

The Anti-aging Effects of High pH Water (University of Texas) 

Use of AEW in Dental Clinics

Use of Alkaline Water on Dairy Farms

Clinical Experience with a New, Stable, Super-Oxidized Water in Wound Treatment

Electrolyzed-reduced Water Reduced Hemodialysis-induced Erythrocyte Impairment in End-stage Renal Disease Patients

benefits of hydrogen water
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