Terms and Conditions..
Echo® Return Policy
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed on purchasing an Echo® Water machine. You can return it for a refund within 30 days from date of purchase less any shipping, installation, discounts, etc. You will be responsible for shipping, handling, and installation fee paid if applicable. 
  • If the event that the Echo® Water machine shows signs of wear and tear or damage of any kind…we will determine on a case by case basis what your refund amount will be. The refund amount will be based upon the severity of the damage. 
  • It is expected that Echo® Water machines returned will be sent back in “Like New Condition”. This means no physical damage, no signs of wear and tear, not damaged or broken in any way and is returned with all the hoses, connectors, parts, manuals and DVDs etc. We reserve the right to reduce the refund amount by the amount needed to bring the machine to “Like New Condition” or to replace anything missing that was in the original package when shipped. 
  • It is understood that the individual will ship the Echo® Water machine fully insured and freight fully paid. We are not responsible if the water machine is lost or damaged during shipping. The customer is responsible to pay for return shipping when returning products..
Legal Medical Disclaimers
  • We have not made nor intended to imply any medical or curative claims with any of our products. We have been made aware of many individuals whose conditions have been made better for the user because of being hydrated better. There are many individuals that feel better simply after being properly hydrated. 
  • We are claiming that water from an Echo® Water machine can help you have a proper hydration program. Diet, exercise, and relationships also play an important role in overall well being. 
  • There are many studies that have shown that molecular Hydrogen can be beneficial to individuals. We present these studies on their merit and do draw any conclusions that our product is curative in any way. We feel that consuming water with H2 gas dissolved in water can provide benefits.
Content Accuracy

We make every reasonable effort to include accurate and up to date information in our website. We make no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the site.

Time-Released Capsules

Do not drink ionized water when consuming time-release capsules. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions. If you or your doctor have any questions or concerns with you consuming ionized water, follow their recommendations. You can encourage your Doctor to contact us. When taking time-release medications, please consume the capsules with water from your Echo® Water machine in the filtered mode.

Unsafe Water

An Echo® water machine should never be used to condition water for consumption if the source water is deemed micro biologically unsafe or with untreated well water that has very high TDS. Please ask us first if unsure.

Consuming H2 Enriched Water On A Regular Basis
  • Millions of people all over the world have consumed water conditioned with an electrolysis device for over 45 years. There have been very few reports of complications of drinking ERW water. 
  • Most people find drinking water with a lower pH with high concentration of H2 is most enjoyable.
Echo® 5 Year Warranty

-Five Year Warranty covers all parts, labor, shipping of the Echo® Water Machine. 

-Shipping is paid by the company for repairs to your Echo® Water Machine if the machine has a defect.

-If the parts are no longer available and your Echo® Water Machine is not able to be repaired, we will credit the original price you paid towards the retail price of a replacement machine of your choice. 

-The Echo® 5 Year Warranty does not cover physical damage by the user, Acts of God, or any misuse. 
Maintenance Of Your Echo® Machine
  • There is no maintenance needed for the electrolysis chamber to continue dissolving H2 in the water. 
  • You need to replace the main filter when directed by the filter indicator and the voice prompt (typically 1000 gallons). 
  • It is strongly recommended to use a surge protector as with all electronic devices to protect from surges, brown outs, etc. 
  • If you have an Echo® Under Sink system, It is recommended to use the cleaning filter (citric acid) provided at no charge to clean the white 5/16″ tube that provides the drinking water once per year. It is not necessary but is a good precaution to prevent any calcium buildup over time in the tube.
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